It’s a Girl Day

Welcome back to another day full of crafts!  I love these girly-girl DIY ideas that fit me so well.  Take a look!

These are probably the easiest paper roses I have made.  Not only are they simple, they look adorable.

I found this on a blog written in Spanish, so Google Translate would probably be very helpful (if you don’t speak the language, of course).  Instead of using hot glue to secure the end, I used a simple glue stick that worked just fine.

Use different patterns and colors of paper to make each of these unique.  Rolling the paper up tighter or looser can give a different look to each flower.  I rolled mine up a bit loose, but I love it still.  Check it out here.

These cute bows can be used for almost anything from hair accessories to bow ties.  I love how dainty each one turns out to be.

I used a sewing machine to sew along the side, but hot glue is also possible (see the tutorial).  My piece of fabric was a bit bigger than the original, which is why the bow is HUGE.

What I love about these bows is not only are they cute, they’re styles can be changed, just like that.  Make them smaller and solid colors for bow ties or make them large and floral for hair bows.  I can’t wait to try out more!

Check out the tutorial on how to make these.

Last but definitely not least, I have these simple chapstick holders.  I love the idea and saves me from an abnormal bump in my pocket. I bet most girls can relate to a chapstick pocket bump, right?

I couldn’t find a key ring in time, so mine is obviously missing one.  This can be easily made out of those fabric scraps that take up so much space.  Make them as big or small as you need.

The example above uses the chapstick holder on a key chain, but there are many possibilities as to where this can go.  I like to hang it on my backpack zipper, so I can have easy access to chapstick throughout the day.  So cute!

Make one now!


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