DIY Pom-Pom Animal Ears


Welcome back, everyone!  I needed some animal ears for my little cousin and decided to make my own.  They are so cute and can be varied to resemble different animals.  Let’s make it!

Get your materials!

  • Plain headband
  • Yarn to match animal color
  • Felt of a contrasting color
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  1.  Wrap the yarn around two fingers loosely as many times as needed.  The more times you wrap, the bigger the pom-pom will be.  I wrapped mine around about 100 times.  Cut the string when finished.DSCF5850

2.  Carefully slide the string off your fingers.  Cut a 9″ long string and tie very tightly around the pom as shown.

3.  Using scissors, (what else would you use?) Cut through the loops on each side to create a fluffy pom-pom!

4.  Now, this doesn’t look very appealing to anyone at all, but we can fix that by giving the pom a “haircut.”  Simply trim the long strings until the pom is shaped as you like.  It gets pretty messy, so do it over a trash can.  Repeat these steps to make two.DSCF5945

5.  On the felt, trace around the poms to make a circle.  Inside of these circles, draw a half circle that fits comfortably inside.  Cut two and hot glue onto poms.DSCF5950

6.  Trace the poms once more onto felt and cut the whole circle out this time.  Hot glue to the bottom of the pom.  Make sure he flat side of the half circle is facing it.  I made that mistake and ruined the pom.DSCF5965

7.  Now all you have to do is glue the poms onto the headband.  Place them evenly apart to make two “ears.”  The pom should be secure on the headband.  If not, you may need to glue the pom more securely onto the felt or the felt more securely to the headband.

And your done!  These are so cute on little kids and can be used in Halloween costumes, too!  Send me pics of your adorable ears and tell me how it went!

That’s it for now.  See you guys next week!


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