Roses for Everyone

Roses are well-known for being one of the most beautiful flowers on this Earth.  So why not make some of our own!  This week, we are looking at 2 diy roses that are as easy to make as, well, I don’t really know


Egg Carton Rose

Egg carton roses have fascinated me since the first time I saw them.  I’ve wanted to make these beauties for so long and they are adorable.  Mine don’t have as many petals and are a lot more open than the tutorial’s flowers, but they still look ok.  Painting these roses to cute colors is the next thing we gotta do.  Make them here.


Paper Rose

These paper roses have grabbed my heart.  They look so cute made of book pages, but I couldn’t spare any, so I painted the tips with watercolor paint instead.  The more petals you make, the more dense your flower will be. (Obviously). Here is the tutorial.


Rolled Rose

These tulle roses turned out to be a little bit hard to manage, but look so cute.  I love the elegance that comes from the original and the casual look mine has.  I can’t believe the different styles you can make these flowers into!  The bottom of the three roses is not tulle, but some scrap fabric that I found just laying around and I thought, “well, why not?”  It turned out to be such a cute idea and it was a lot easier than the tulle.  Make these ‘Missy Elegantes’ right now.











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