Hello Summer! Room Banner and Pineapples!

Welcome back, guys!  I know a lot of you are probably chillin’ at home watching Netflix or whatever because, guess what?!?!  School is finally out!….again!  I can’t wait for a nice, relaxed summer with tons of new fashion and decor coming your way!!!  I’m super excited to be sharing these DIY decorations to welcome summer back home.  Enjoy!

Summer Room Banner


I came up with something original (but also really not) to share with you.  It’s the perfect way to liven up your room and get those summer vibes going.  It takes a bit of patience, but, I promise, you’ll live. 😉

Start by getting these materials:

  • Cardboard (it can be any kind, as long as it’s sturdy.  I reused a box).
  • Decorative paper
  • Glue (preferably a glue stick)
  • A template cut in the shape of a banner



I accidentally deleted all of the photos I took (please don’t kill me), so those are going to be a bit late.  On that note, let’s get started

  1.  Cut out the template (link provided above) and trace it onto the decorative paper and cardboard.  Cut those out as well.  You’ll need 6 of them for each letter or 7 if you want the exclamation point.

2.  Glue the paper onto the cardboard, it should fit perfectly.  If not, simply just give it a trim.

3.  Write ‘summer!’ in your desired lettering (or the ones provided in the template) and cut them out.  Glue onto the cardboard.  You can also give yourself some slack and write the letters straight onto the banner.

4.  Here is where you are free to do whatever you want!  Doesn’t that feel great?  You can attach the cardboard banner onto a string and make an actual banner.  I put some sticky tack on the back and stuck it right to the wall.



Hey, I have another little something for you.

                             Mine!                                                                                   Original!

I added these little pineapples to the whole decoration and you can, too!!!  They are so easy to crochet and only take about 5 minutes each.  The tutorial says to use embroidery floss for the whole thing and a 2.75mm hook, but I just used some yellow yarn and a 3.5mm hook.  Whatever works for you.  Get the crochet pattern right here!

Have a great summer, guys and I’ll see you next week!

Did you make it?  Tell me how it went in the comments down below or contact me by email provided in the contacts menu.


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