What to do With Those Fabric Scraps!

We all know what a hassle it is to try and find a place for all that fabric we’ve already used, but can’t bear to throw out.  I have boxes filled to the brim with scrap fabric that I have no idea what to do with.  Today, I have found 3 different ways to put those scraps to good use.  Let’s get started!



                            Mine                                                                                 Original

A lot of you guys may know that I am a total bookworm.  My first blog post had another cute idea for a bookmark and I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon.  This is perfect for those scraps that are just too cute to do away with.  Just think about it, you’ll get your tip-top education while cleaning out that scrap box.

The original bookmark was a bit too fat for me, so instead of cutting out two strips of fabric, I cut one strip and folded it in half.  Then, sewed down the side with an open end only.

Get the tutorial here.


Cute Coaster:

                            Mine                                                                                 Original

Coasters are probably one of the most easiest projects to make.  And they’re useful, too!  You can customize this to make it into any shape and size to fit your needs.  The extra stitching on the right side of the fabric is what makes this one of my favorites.  Love it!

Make sure to check out the tutorial!


Fabric Light Switch Cover:

                             Mine                                                                                    Original

This is such an easy way to brighten up a room without using too much space.  Most of what you need is already on your wall and everything else is just too easy to get.  This looks so cute and I will always remember to do this every time I move.

Find out how to make it!





Time to Get Tropical DIY!

Hello, readers!  Today we are getting tropical no matter where you live!  I’ve been craving the fresh coconut and pineapple (oh, and the beach) that come from being in the islands, but haven’t had a chance to visit… yet.  Just to get that tropical summer going, here are three DIYs that will get you closer to that dream vacation!


Tropical Garland:

                           Mine                                                                                   Original

Give your room the perfect tropical vibe with this cute garland right here!  You can literally hang it (or drape it) anywhere and on anything.  I did have to do some very tedious cutting, but it was so worth the time.  In my opinion, the green and white put together makes this really pop.

This gives people who don’t really have access to the tropics a way to give their place that feel, even if you do live in the-middle-of-nowhere-Utah.

Start getting tropical here!


Crochet Sandal:

                            Mine                                                                                      Original

Honestly, I’ve wanted to take a stroll on the beach ever since I’ve seen these.  The little flowers are absolutely adorable, especially with the beads strung through.  This is so much cheaper than buying some expensive foot jewelry at the local jeweler and it still looks good, too.

Patience is the key with this one (seriously, you have to chain 300 at the end, but do it anyways)!

Get them here!


Chevron Anklet:

                            Original                                                                                             Mine

Anklets don’t really have anything to do with the whole tropical theme, but they look amazing at the beach with a matching swimsuit, so I’ll let it pass.  You can see I made mine red, white and blue for the 4th of July.

You can wear these literally everywhere ( I mean, I’ve worn them to dance and in the pool on accident) and they are super durable.  I added a nifty little button instead of a bead, but use whatever you like!

Make some now!


Thank you guys so much for reading this and supporting me!  Please comment below for more ideas and things you want to see.  Love you, bye!




2 Essential Oil Hacks For Life

Hello, everyone!  Today, we are going to be working with the thing of the century.  Essential oils!  I’ve had these little nuggets with me my entire life because of my dad.  He has been working in this industry ever since I can remember, but I’ve never really used them for anything.  Until now….


Coconut Oil Lash Serum

I’ve always wanted longer lashes just like everyone else, but I’ve never been able to find a good way of doing it.  Until I found this baby.


It doesn’t look like much, but this coconut oil serum is going to be my first try at getting longer eyelashes.  It’s a lot simpler than some of the other serums I’ve seen, which is a big pointer for me.  I’ve just barely started using it, so I’ll be giving progress reports and we’ll see if this is a go-go or a no-go.

This serum simply uses two essential oils and (of course) extra virgin coconut oil.  Find out how to make it right here.


Mosquito Fighter Bracelet

                       Original                                                                        Mine

It’s around that time where girls start going to girls camp and mosquitoes start eating people up.  Now, you probably are thinking about girls hugging and bonding new friendships and your not exactly wrong, but… have you even thought about the mosquitoes?!  Oh, how I wish I’d had these bracelets with me when I had gone.  My legs would’ve looked a lot nicer.

Save yourself from the mosquito ninjas and fight them back before you end up being their prey.



Hello Summer! Room Banner and Pineapples!

Welcome back, guys!  I know a lot of you are probably chillin’ at home watching Netflix or whatever because, guess what?!?!  School is finally out!….again!  I can’t wait for a nice, relaxed summer with tons of new fashion and decor coming your way!!!  I’m super excited to be sharing these DIY decorations to welcome summer back home.  Enjoy! Continue reading “Hello Summer! Room Banner and Pineapples!”

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